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“GUENIS” supplies projects with the following categories of products

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GUENIS specializes in Architectural Glass, Steni Stone Composite Panels, Rocklad Natural Stone and Terracotta Cladding and Sunscreen panels

We offer a complete range of cladding services, including detailed cladding design and engineering, we are available to provide individual cladding services such as installation of cladding panels and its substructure.

We have 31 years of combined experience in this field and consider our standards of customer service and attention to quality second to none in this industry.

Our proprietary panel system is an engineered “rainscreen” system which as well meets or exceeds industry wide specifications.

We have an on staff Architect to address in detail or assist with your design related questions and requirements. We have a full-time engineering department as well as an extremely knowledgeable Technical department and installation team.

Our Sales Department can attend to all of your custom cladding requirements.

Our mission and our top company priorities are attention to rigid standards of product quality, but most importantly our relationship and care to our valued customers to ensure their job is completed with 100% satisfaction.


                    1 . ROCKClad - natural stone panels excel at large format as alternative to dimensional stone or other panel

                         types by providing lightweight, reinforced honeycomb backed surfacing system.

                     2. STENI Stone Composite Panel - Steni Cladding Façade panels are both eco friendly and pollution resistant.

                          Impact resistant yet light weight. Frost Proof and fire rated. It is a fiber-glass reinforced cured polymer

                          composite panel with a core of crushed natural stone.

                     3. Terracotta Cladding Material - made from 100% natural terracotta clay which is known for its design

                          flexibility, durability and sustainability.

                           a) Terracotta Ventilated Facade Cladding System

                           b) Terracotta Louvers and Sunscreen

                           c) Acoustic Cladding


            1.  Annealed Glass
            2. Ultra Clear Glass
            3. Decorative Glass