We provide an energy efficient architectural glass and facade cladding solutions.

These panels can be used on almost every building on every project. They can be installed inside and outside these buildings. They can be cut to the perfect size making them great for all projects. Being cut allows any project to have the desired scale.​


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  Why Choose us?

  1] Our product is tested and passed the NFPA-285 Fire test.

​  2] Our product have a 40-year functional warranty and a 

     documented expected service life of more than 60 years.

  3] We provide after sales service.

Architectural Glass and Rainscreen

Facade Cladding Solutions

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These are just a few of the many benefits that the cladding panels have to offer. They are a great choice for any job. They can be the perfect way to create a modern look for your building or to create design features that draw attention to your company. The cost savings and the durability are extremely attractive to become a necessity for your upcoming projects.

Flexible and lightweight façade panel. It is also easy to clean
Being lighter allows for lower costs and less complex installation requirements.

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reduce weight

TERrA Montering by steni

A facade is more than protection for a building.
Just like clothes, hairstyles and make up, it say something

about us,
As people, patterns and surfaces can say something about

a buildings identity and reinforce its architecture.

When using cladding, the cost savings are significant when compared to other motives such as concrete. Not only do you save on the material cost, but also the labour times which are shortened. When comparing the durability, it is clear that the cost is well worth it. The panels will last you much longer than your typical design materials.​